Process, Store, and Report
Payments and Card

Automate payments at point of booking for treatments and packages. Alternatively, take an optional card authorisation if you wish to process this as an enquiry.

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Take the Stress Out of Payments

Deliver a slick payment experience with a fully PCI-Compliant checkout process.
Upsell and process payment on products and packages at point of booking.
Take all forms of payment whether that be pre-payment online, charge to hotel room through PMS integration, in-person payments with our PDQ solution, and track them all in one place.
Stay on top of payments within Trybe reports.
The Chevin Country Park
Ruthin Castle Hotel
The Shrigley Hall Hotel & Spa
The Spa at Breedon Priory
Lanelay Hall Hotel & Spa
Manor House | Hotel · Restaurant · Bar · Alsagar
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Online Payments
Secure Payments at Point of Booking

For automated bookings you’re able to take payment during the customer check-out process. Payments will flow into your designated bank account. You’ll be able to see the payment logged to the customer on arrival within Trybe.

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Reduce the Barrier to Entry by Accepting all Forms of Payment

Trybe accepts various forms of payment including online pre-payment, in-person PDQ payment, charge to hotel room through PMS integration, payment by voucher and more.

Tap Into an Additional Revenue Stream

Give customers a chance to select and pay for additional treatments and in-house spa products during their check-out process. You’ll be notified of every sale within Trybe.

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