Process, store, and report on payments and card authorisations

Automate payments for treatments and packages at the point of booking. Alternatively, take a card authorisation for enquiries

Take the stress out of payments

Deliver a slick payment experience with a fully PCI compliant checkout process

Upsell and process payment on products and packages at the point of booking

Take payment with Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit/debit card, charge to hotel room, vouchers, in-person PDQ payments and more

Stay on top of payments within Trybe reports

Online payments
Secure payments at the point of booking

For automated bookings, you’re able to take payment during the customer check-out process. Payments will flow into your designated bank account. You’ll be able to see the payment logged to the customer on arrival within Trybe.

Payment methods
Reduce the barrier to entry by accepting all forms of payment

Trybe accepts various forms of payment including Apple Pay*, Google Pay*, credit/debit card, in-person PDQ payment, charge to hotel room, payment by voucher and more.

Tap into an additional revenue stream

Give customers a chance to select and pay for additional treatments and in-house spa products during their checkout process.

The ultimate bookings solution
Spa treatments, spa packages, fitness classes, access to the wet facilities, sourdough making classes, membership-specific booking types, you name it, within Trybe you've got the ability to book it.

Next generation Bookings & Business Management Software for the Spa Industry


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