Trybe Pay Terms

Trybe Pay is our integrated PCI compliant payment solution; enabling Trybe customers to take payments online or over the phone, all through their Trybe software. Guarantee income before the customers steps into your venue.

Payment System - Stripe Connect

You will need to set-up your own online merchant account through Stripe Connect. We will provide you with the steps required during initial set-up and on-boarding.

Within Stripe Connect and Trybe, you get the full back-end customer functionality and reporting to your finance team on the transactions so you can reconcile your online payments.

You use our transaction and credit card fees, negotiated with our merchant account, rather than your own merchant account fees. These stand at 1.65%+20p per transaction. Please bear in mind, in a lot of instances, online transaction fees will be higher than the terminal fees you currently pay as they are much higher risk. We will constantly be working with our provider to lower these fees for our customers though; whenever we can get saving (based on volume) we will pass this back to you.

As it will be Five Nines Digital Limited (our trading company) actually processing the money, we are legally responsible for the transaction. Money will be transferred, in the main in 7 working days. Please note, that if a chargeback occurs and the money has already been transferred we will need to claim this back from you along with any incurred Stripe Chargeback fees.

Setup requires you to go through the Stripe onboarding process, contact your account manager to begin.