Simplify Membership Management
Alongside Spa Operations
Gone are the days of clunky membership management spreadsheets which don’t interact with your spa operations.

Streamline your
Membership Management
Automate redundant manual work with an easy-to-use-do-it-yourself membership management portal within Trybe.
Scale peacefully by providing your potential members with a hassle-free way to register their interest, complete their details, and provide payment.
Create a recurring income stream through your membership database and incentivise with membership benefits.
Reduce membership churn through clear, easy to follow reporting.
Recurring Income
Automate Your Membership Payments Through Trybe

Once your customer has created an account within Trybe and set up their payment details, simply allow Trybe to take care of the rest. Payments will be deducted from the customers bank account in line with your requirements.

Membership Benefits
Use Your Membership Database to Increase Customer Engagement

Drive sales and increase engagement with your brand by providing incentives to your existing membership database. Use this as a tool for repeat business, increasing engagement in other treatments, and referrals.

Stay on Top of Your Membership Database within Reporting

Track, manage, and report on your Membership numbers and revenue. Accurately measure your churn rate and start to flag problematic accounts before it’s too late.

Simplify your membership management
and scale as you grow.