Flexible bookings journey
Keep Your Bookings Process Uncomplicated and
Focus on Conversion Rate
Get the flexibility to manage treatments and packages you have today. And the ones that will creep up a year from now.

Flexible Bookings
Journey at Scale
Discover new revenue potential through a seamless bookings and enquiry management journey linked to your staff schedule.
Link your hotel room availability to your spa break packages through integration with PMS.
Create upsell opportunities through additional treatments and products during the checkout process.
Secure revenue through payments and card authorisation at point of booking.
Reservation and Enquiry Management
Select the Bookings Journey That Works for Your Treatment and Package Brochure

Automate your bookings flow for treatments, packages, and breaks where you’re sure on practitioner head count. This will automatically feed into your staff availability within Trybe.

For bookings later down the line where you’re not sure on employee availability, you’ve got the ability to take an enquiry with an optional card authentication to secure, manage your staff schedule, and then confirm the booking.

Payment and Card Authentication
Secure Revenue before the Date of the Booking

Automate payments for real-time reservations at point of booking. Leverage the ability to carry out card authentications at point of booking for treatments, packages, and breaks that are set as an enquiry.

Upsell at Point of Booking
Secure Additional Revenue during the Customer Check-Out Process

Display additional treatments and in-house products during the customer check-out process and secure the payment at point of booking.

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