Bring Trybe to your neighbourhood

Is Trybe not yet in your neighbourhood? Would you like it to be? Well, my friend, you can now join the movement and bring Trybe to your area, like a total boss. Or a chief.

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Become a Trybe Chief

What does it mean? Trybe Chiefs are sort of our ambassadors. As a Chief, you are passionate about your neighbourhood, know what’s going on and, most importantly, want to make it a better place. You will find people who’d like to cook for Trybe, help them get started (don’t worry, we’ll help you to do this) and talk about it to potential hungry customers. Simply put, you’ll spread the joy of Trybe in your own block – be it a postal code area or a even small town.

Why become a Trybe Chief? When we launched Trybe in the first few areas in London, we quickly got people contacting us and saying they’d like to volunteer and promote Trybe in their own neighbourhoods. So, we set up a programme for it! We are simply a growing collective of people who want to reinvigorate their communities and make them smaller, friendlier and tastier. And would love more likeminded poeple to join us.



Trybe Chief

“The best part about becoming a Trybe Chief has been being able to support my fellow cooks. Meeting and working alongside like minded people, and sharing in their success has been so rewarding. My neighbourhood is genuinely feeling more local and a sense of a foodie community is building.”


How to start your Trybe

Let us know you’re interested
The easiest way to do this is to fill out the form below. Don’t fret, we’ve made it as inspiring as possible. And although it’s not a school essay, we’d love it if you could take a bit of time to write about your motivation for this – because becoming a Chief isn’t a walk in the park, nor will it make you a billionaire. But you’ll have an amazing time. Guaranteed!
Find the first cooks
At least ten cooks are needed in order an area to operate. Chat to your neighbours, follow the smell of tasty cooking, check out Facebook groups...your call. We happen to know there are secret chefs in every community in Britain, and we trust you, as our resident detective/Chief, to locate them!
Find the first eaters
Keep chatting and spreading the message about a new app on the block – because next you need to find about a hundred potential customers. Considering most of us love great food, this shouldn’t be too tricky. The idea of Trybe is solid and loved by so many already, we just need to get the word out there.
Once you got the cooks and a bunch of curious customers, it’s time to officially launch Trybe. You’ll throw a little party (like it’s 1999), where the cooks will introduce themselves to the community and prepare a few tasters, too. Basically, you just need to get people together to taste amazing food. Tough gig, eh?.
Community management
After a successful launch, you can sit back for a bit and enjoy the feeling of being a total foodie guru (well, Chief) in your neighbourhood. The work continues though, as you will nurture and grow your Trybe community. This can mean for example managing a local Facebook group where people can talk about food – or who stole their garden gnome. Be great if you organised some sort of happenings at least a few times in a year, recruit new cooks and just casually keep talking about Trybe.

Want to join us?