Brand guidelines

We're thrilled you want to use our logo!

Download logos and icons
Available in SVG, PNG and a Figma file.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure it always looks great.

Logo colours

Our logo is available in three variants:

Use this one for light coloured backgrounds
Use this one for dark coloured backgrounds
Use this one for brightly coloured backgrounds

Full logo vs Icon

Our logo can be represented as a full logo containing the Trybe name, or as an icon when space is limited.

Exclusion zone

It's important that there is sufficient spacing around the logo. This includes usage of both the full logo, and the icon on its own.

The exclusion zone is equal to half the height of the icon. The spacing you should include is highlighted below.

Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum

Minimum sizing

The height of both the icon and the full logo should not be smaller than 20px.

Colour palette

rgb(255, 0, 6)
rgb(51, 0, 51)
rgb(153, 153, 255)


  • ✅ Do use the correct variant for the background colour the logo will be placed on.
    ✅ Looks great
    ✅ All good
    ✅ Nice!
    ⛔️ Nope
    ⛔️ That sucks
    ⛔️ Try again
  • ✅ Do ensure there's sufficient space around our logo.
    We use Trybe!
    ✅ Oi oi
    We use Trybe!
    ⛔️ Oi!
  • ⛔️ Don't modify the logo colours in any way. Only use the provided variants
    ⛔️ Sorry, no
    ⛔️ Nah m8
  • ⛔️ Don't try to recreate the lettering of the logo
    ⛔️ Gross
    ⛔️ Lol really?

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