Streamline your membership management

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Streamline your membership management

Running a membership programme is a great way to secure additional monthly revenue whilst also being able to reward your loyal customers.

But let's be frank... setting up direct debits, preparing direct debit payment files for upload, managing failed payments and notifying your customers takes an awful lot of time every month and is a huge pain in the backside!

We've built a system to take away all of those pain points with a focus on digitalising the end-to-end process to save you both time and money

✔️ We'll process your Direct Debits every month for you

Every single month, we'll process your Direct Debits and send your members a bank-approved advanced notice of collection.

If Direct Debits fail because there is a lack of funds, or the mandate has expired, don't worry, there's no need to pick up the phone, we'll try again automatically or ask the customer to update their details.

✔️ Members can sign themselves up online

Our onboarding process is digital. You can remove your paper mandates with sensitive information and members can sign up online, "Netflix style".

We'll collect the joining fee and take the pro-rata fee too.

✔️ Automatically redeem membership benefits when booking treatments

Do your members get a free massage every month, or 20% off all treatments? Members can redeem these benefits themselves at the point of booking.

✔️ Your guests can view their membership through their online portal

Your members can access their benefits, view their previous payments, and update their details online through an online portal. We'll even make sure that the portal matches your branding.

✔️ Members will love the experience

Great user experience leads to better conversion rates. By digitalising the onboarding process and making a slick sign up experience, your members will find your membership portal intuitive and easy no matter what device they are using.

✔️ It's completely integrated with your existing software

We'll take your monthly payments, signup and pro-rata fees and push these payments and revenues to your property management system. Your accounting team can still get a holistic view of your finances from the system they are familiar with.

✔️ We're constantly innovating

We take your feedback to continually improve our software. You know your operations best and we want to help you make them better.

We'll deliver you updates, multiple times a day, that are available to you at the refresh of your browser. No more downtime or risky upgrades that go wrong.

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