What do you need from your software provider?

Amy Moore
Amy Moore
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What do you need from your software provider?

Are you and your team regularly frustrated with the software you use day-to-day? Are you considering changing providers, but you're unsure about what you should prioritise when starting your new search? So, instead of looking for a new provider, which is time-consuming and potentially more expensive in the short term, you power through these frustrations.

Your software partner should be solving your problems, not giving you new ones, while simultaneously providing your guests with the best experience possible.

When you're thinking about switching software providers, make a list of reasons why. This will help you narrow down the list of potential new providers by knowing what you do want and what you definitely do not want.

If you need help knowing what you should want from your provider, look no further. Our blog has the 9 things you should prioritise when looking for a new booking software.

1. Online Bookings

Your guests want an easy, and seamless booking experience, and therefore, they want to book their stay with you online with no direct, human contact. From booking a standalone treatment, to building a spa day, to buying a membership; they want to do this independently with no outside interference.

2. Integrations and Partners

If your software provider can seamlessly integrate with other systems such as PMS, and payment processors this makes your life much easier. Integrations not only enhance operational efficiency, but it means overall that your reports are more accurate due to the syncronised data.

3. Revenue Opportunities

Your software should streamline multiple business operations such as memberships, loyalty schemes, retail add-ons, and upgrades.

4. Scalability

You want your software to grow as you grow, so it needs to be adaptable and flexible to growth as well as downsizes. The best way to guarantee scalability from your provider is by looking for cloud-native solutions; this means that your solution is flexible, easily accessible, innovative, and long-term cost-effective.

5. Reporting

Reporting should be easy to read, quick to pull, and always up to date. Dashboards should be comprehensive and adaptable to your business needs, allowing you to customise them. Real-time data allows for real-time decisions, which can increase productivity and adaptability to changes.

6. Security

Regular monitoring of software, real-time easy-to-implement updates, and data safety measures will future-proof your business; not just from cyber threats, but also your guests will feel safe knowing that you take their information seriously.

7. Customisation

Your software should be flexible and responsive to your specific needs. The ability to customise software and workflows should be tailored to your business, accommodating your needs.

8. Contactless Automations

Automating tasks that were previously paper-based or manual, such as digital intake forms, makes processes more efficient for both your team and your guests.

9. Guest Experience

Utilising software specifically tailored to your industry enhances the guest experience, ensures efficient workflow, and provides everything your business needs. The spa, leisure and hospitality industries are unique, and therefore the systems you use should be as well.

Your business deserves the best solution for you and your team, so when you decide to change software providers, ensure that you've done your research and are confident in what they're offering you. If you want to chat with one of the TRYBE team about what we can do for you, send us a message.

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