The power of the cloud

Amy Moore
Amy Moore
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The power of the cloud

The power is in the cloud

Cloud-based software is your business's step forward to revolutionising staff management, flexibility, and increasing revenue.

Something that's becoming more and more common is cloud-washing and as a decision maker, we want to make sure you know what the difference is between cloud-native and cloud-hosted.

And more importantly, what’s best for you, your team, and your customers.

Starting with the basics, the word cloud can be confusing and it means different things to different people which is why many businesses get away with cloud-washing; simply put, it’s an attempt by a business to rebrand an old product or service by associating it with the buzzword ‘cloud’.

Cloud-hosted products are often marketed to appear as cloud-native applications, because, let’s be honest, cloud-native apps are more innovative, streamlined, and efficient.

Below, we’ve summarised the similarities and differences between cloud-native and cloud-hosted.


Cloud-native architecture supports resilience and allows for a flexible and scalable app; upgrades can happen seamlessly without disruption to day-to-day work.

Whereas cloud-hosted applications face interruptions when migrations, updates, or software configurations occur leading to downtime and therefore, loss of revenue.


Cloud-native solutions enable teams to access their system from anywhere, from any device, at any time allowing you full flexibility and autonomy over how and when you access your applications.

Cloud-hosted systems aren’t as easy to access; teams need to connect to the server via a remote desktop before having access. This limits where and when your team can access the system. Using a server where you need to connect can also cause issues if there’s been a server failure. One server means all your trust is in one place, and if this server fails at any point you are powerless. You’re reliant on a third-party to resolve issues and you therefore incur system downtime.


Typically less expensive because you’re paying for the licences, storage, and maintenance costs from the service provider when your app is cloud-native.

Cloud-hosted is more expensive due to the fact you’re paying for the hardware, the storage of it, as well as the power and cooling of this physical server. As your data increases, your system is under more pressure and therefore slows down, therefore, you need to upgrade your server which also impacts the cost. If a business doesn’t budget for server upgrades, ultimately the speed of your app will decrease due to the increased pressure it's under.

TRYBE is cloud-native and therefore you have the most flexible, seamless, and innovative system that benefits both your team and your customers. Spa managers, receptionists, and therapists can easily check schedules, make reservations, and manage reporting from any location.

  1. With TRYBE, bookings, billings, inventory, reporting, and memberships are managed under one roof, offering properties a robust management system.
  2. TRYBE integrates with an extensive list of partners so your team can enjoy more efficiency, as our software performs administrative tasks on your behalf.
  3. You have real-time access to customer profiles, preferences, and history, staff can personalise services and treatment recommendations, making guests feel more valued.
  4. Automated reminders reduce the risk of no-shows, improving customer satisfaction.
  5. Our team is continuously updating and improving our app, therefore you always have the most up to date and modern piece of software the market has to offer without any downtime.

Are you still unsure of the differences between cloud-native and cloud-hosted? Send us a message - the TRYBE team would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

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