Maximise Revenue All Year Round

Amy Moore
Amy Moore
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Maximise Revenue All Year Round

Maximising revenue all year round

In the hospitality industry, there are times when business is booming and you’re fully booked, and other times when it's so quiet the only thing you can hear is the jacuzzi jets.

This can significantly impact your finances, staff morale, and the overall atmosphere of your space. And, unfortunately, even during slow periods, you still need to meet your revenue and business targets.

Navigating these seasonal ebbs can be challenging. Fortunately, TRYBE has come up with some innovative ways to help you make the most of these quieter times.

Before we dive into how to increase your revenue, it's worth noting that you can use any down time as an opportunity to upskill, learn, and develop. For instance, you can refresh your website's appearance, learn a new treatment to offer guests, or add new products to your collection.

These small changes can help futureproof your business. But we know that you also want to maximise your property's potential and offer the best possible experience to your guests. One way to do this is by fully utilising the technology at your disposal. Are you making the most of its capabilities? With TRYBE, you can create packages, sell vouchers, offer member exclusives, and much more!

Packages; there are no limitations

Gone are the days of one-off treatments, and customers are now booking multiple treatments, with additional add-ons such as lunch, a welcome drink, and a retail product. 92% of bookings through TRYBE are packages, so as a hotel or spa you can make the most of these during quieter periods and maximise your revenue opportunities.

Packages that are popular during peak periods can be adapted and can easily be made seasonal with a few small tweaks. For example, when it’s colder, swap that glass of prosecco for a hot chocolate, or you can change a hydrotherapy session for a hot stone massage. Adding on seasonal imagery to these packages to help sell the atmosphere and vibe of the day and weather will only help attract the customer to these options.

If you don’t want to change package details, add on complimentary seasonal treats such as a dressing gown, or hot tub session to warm guests during colder months, whereas in the Summer a smoothie or a mini bottle of SPF is something that guests will love. These small tweaks will benefit you long term through reviews and word-of-mouth feedback, which turn into repeat customers.

Bespoke packages, and any changes like these can all be designed, built, and managed through TRYBE. And with our dynamic package functionality, you and your teams’ availability is live on the online booking system so only what is available is bookable. No manual timetable organising for you, and a seamless booking experience for your guests.

Offer your members exclusives

Since the pandemic in 2020, there has been a sharp increase in consumers focusing on health and wellbeing on a continuous basis, it’s no longer a one-off. A recent study found 42% of consumers view health and wellness as a priority. If your property isn’t offering memberships, you should consider these, and TRYBE can help.

Members are your existing customers, they’re your best audience for upselling and targeting with new opportunities. Offer exclusive discounts, offer complimentary experiences, and offer your members’ exclusive discounts to bring guests.

Last minute discounts, sales and special packages

TRYBE has found that guests are booking their trips closer to the time of arrival, and this can make it harder for you and your team to plan. However, make the most of this information.

If you know that on Wednesday you have no guests, send out a promotional offer on a Monday. Or, if these dips happen at the same time every year, have deals, promotions and last-minute packages to offer at your disposal. Does October see a drop in visitors every year? Schedule emails to send to your database a week before, have signs around the spa for members to promote specific dates implying it’s an exclusive, sell vouchers for future occasions, and have your team ready to call previous guests with these exciting offers.

Have you previously been contacted regarding a group booking that you didn’t have capacity for? Reach out to them, and see how you can help them at a time that works for you. Use these quiet times to make the most of missed opportunities.

TRYBE software can help you all year round for all discounts, sales, promotions, and offers - last minute or planned.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

However you decide to overcome these quiet times, it’s important to prepare. Have marketing campaigns ready, host the big group bookings, offer your members exclusives, trial new treatments at a discount, promote voucher bookings, or enhance your membership offerings.

The possibilities are endless, and there are plenty of things you can do to increase revenue and stay financially strong all year round. It’s important that you stay innovative, and that you stay at the forefront of new initiatives.

If you have any questions, or want to know about TRYBE software - send us a message! We’d love to chat.

Thanks for reading!

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