The voucher platform GiftPro have joined the Trybe!

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The voucher platform GiftPro have joined the Trybe!

Say hello to GiftPro 👋, the eCommerce platform that helps you sell personalised digital and physical gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are a great way to drive additional revenue for your business. But its still important that your guests and operators can redeem these at the point of booking spa treatments to give them a seamless booking experience.

With Trybe, you can import all of your GiftPro vouchers and map them to relevant appointments and packages in Trybe. This allows us to automatically redeem valid vouchers and and add the redemption as a payment method against the order. Your team can also check the validity of the voucher over the phone too; we'll make sure that the voucher is only redeemable against the treatments being purchased. And don't worry, if the gift voucher only has a partial balance, we'll check that for you too!

Whats great is, that we'll even push this voucher payment at the end of the day to your PMS!

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