Spa Masterclass Part Three: master the art of anticipation to increase conversions

Amy Moore
Amy Moore
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Spa Masterclass Part Three: master the art of anticipation to increase conversions

Your Spa and Leisure Masterclass: Part Three

By now, we hope that we’ve helped your spa team in their journey to master staff efficiency and take customer experience to the next level.

So now that the human side of your spa’s operations are in progress, let’s focus on what is inevitably a frequent topic of conversation within your spa - conversions!

There are two key steps in the spa conversion process: Converting a prospective customer during the actual booking process Ensuring that people actually show up!

The art of anticipation begins before guests ever step foot through your doorway, so after speaking to a few of our data scientists and receiving insights from customers, we’ve come up with a few key ways in which your spa can capitalise on its marketing efforts.

Let’s dive into it.

Attention spans are short, so make your content sweet

First and foremost, design a shop front that is visually appealing and also remember to ensure it is an accurate representation of your brand.

Your shop front, website and social media channels need to operate harmoniously, so you leave a memorable impression that is distinctive to your brand aesthetic. This not only helps convert new customers but also helps retain existing ones.

If you’re struggling with a booking system that does not support this, let us know! The right tech needs to make life easy, not hard.

Step 2: Make bookings feel fun!

Spa treatments are a luxury in and of itself, so the booking process should match that energy. Look at the titles of your treatments, the descriptions attached and the imagery that brings it all together. There is a way to make bookings feel like a spa treatment before guests even arrive, and that is through charismatic copy and imagery.

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Remember: you have competitors, so don’t forget to differentiate! At the end of the day, you want to win (and we want you to as well)!

And a great way to win and surpass your competitors is by leveraging a booking engine that delivers a user experience that showcases the innovation of today’s day and age!

Gone are the days of dealing with clunky interfaces, toggling between different pages during the booking process and the flat out inability to book a treatment due to system upgrade downtimes.

Confirm confirmations

It may sound simple, but nailing your confirmations is a key element in your conversions that cannot be overlooked. Confirm your bookings immediately!

Spas that have now transitioned towards online bookings are now powering automated confirmations, so customers are immediately updated about their upcoming booking; and beyond that, it adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation!

Don’t forget as well, people’s schedules can be quite chaotic and other priorities may arise. To remain top of mind, confirmations are crucial. This also minimises the likelihood of no-shows.

Remember the importance of reminders

If email marketing is not in your spa’s current toolkit, then this is your sign to include it!

Well-timed reminders not only help increase conversions for upcoming guests, but they also establish your spa’s brand as one that places guest experience on a pedestal.

As previously mentioned, attention spans are short, whether it’s during the actual booking process or following it. So to get the most bang for your buck, remember to remind!

If you’re currently using an email marketing platform - great! Continue to leverage that as an extension of your booking process and marketing efforts. If not, explore investing in an email marketing platform.

Better yet, Trybe offers its own email reminder section, where your team can schedule and send follow up emails to nail conversions!

So we’ve now concluded part three of our spa masterclass series focused on making bookings more delightful for your staff and your customers. The last addition to this series is focused entirely on revenue.

Conversions play a key role in this, as we dove into within this article, however, there are many ways in which your spa team can augment spa bookings. The key to this is upselling, so in our next post, we’ll offer suggestions on how your spa can upsell and how you can leverage a booking engine to support those efforts.

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If you're curious on exactly how your spa currently performs in regards to conversions, our free scorecard has the answers, as well as some juicy, tailored insights.

Thanks for reading!

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