Spa Masterclass Part Four: understanding customer behaviour to increase revenue

Amy Moore
Amy Moore
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Spa Masterclass Part Four: understanding customer behaviour to increase revenue

Your Spa and Leisure Masterclass: Part Four

You’ve made it to part four and the final part of our spa masterclass series. If you’ve not already checked out prior segments in the series on staff efficiency, customer experience and increasing conversions, take a look!

We’ve created these blogs around topics that are most relevant to our existing customers and frequent daily conversations, whilst also leveraging the data we have at our fingertips.

At the end of the day, we’re here to help you, and we’re not in the business of gatekeeping valuable data!

So let’s get into the last segment: increasing revenue through upselling tactics and understanding customer behaviour.

There are obvious ways in which you can up-sell, but those ideas are not achievable if you do not have a booking engine that supports them.

So, here’s a few ways in which you can fly past your bottom line:

Design packages that stand out

Everyone wants to feel special, especially when it comes to days of relaxation that undoubtedly cost a chunk of money. The perfect way to accomplish this is by providing package offerings that can be tailored to what the guest or guests wants to experience.

This not only helps add on treatments and revenue for your spa but it will simplify and bring more excitement to the booking process. Pro tip: leverage an online booking system that is simple and easy to use, so guests can build out their fun day with a sense of leisure!

And remember to consider the full checkout experience: what can you add on as extras just before checkout to upsell the booking?

If you currently don’t have a booking system that supports that, let us know. We’re always here to help simplify life and make bookings feel like a spa experience, before guests have even walked through the door!

Leverage the power of email marketing

After customers complete a booking, remember the importance of reminders. Anything can pop up in a prospective guests’ diary which may interfere with a previous booking. To avoid this, stay top of mind.

The easiest way to do this is by sending personalised emails and suggesting additional services that might interest them. These emails serve a dual purpose: offering add-ons and reminding customers of their upcoming reservation.

People don’t always know what they want until it’s presented in front of them - part of human nature, right? And by crafting well-targeted emails offering upsell offerings, revenue can increase by 20-30% through that alone.

By nurturing excitement and anticipation, your spa is more likely to see higher conversion rates and fewer cancellations, so start building up the hype!

Float in a cloud of flexibility

Time is money and by leveraging a cloud based solution, that offers more flexibility and subsequently, saves staff time. Technology is designed to do the heavy lifting for your team, especially when they’re not around to answer the phone.

In fact, 47% of bookings occur outside of normal working hours, so capture those bookings without having to lift a finger by employing a strong, easy-to-use booking engine. Think about it: if your staff are all at home and not manning phones on site, that booking could be lost to a competitor and will certainly become lost revenue.

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s a couple bonus suggestions on how to even more so augment your revenue, both of which can be supported by the Trybe booking system.

Personalised membership programmes

By offering exclusive perks, discounts and booking priorities, that is a great way to build up a group of loyal customers - customers whom you can count on for monthly recurring revenue. According to data, guests enrolled in membership programmes spend 18% more than non-members.

Trybe has full membership capability in its system. Membership perks and offerings are simple and easy to create, so if membership is a new revenue stream you’d like to expand on or are interested in, let us know.

Retail and product upselling

You’re a spa, so you probably have some retail products you’re looking to sell! Product upsells can contribute to an additional 10-30% of revenue. Equip your spa’s storefront with the products you’re looking to sell and the technology they need to perform a sell at the guests’ leisure.

Products are where you can make some great margins in your revenue, so don’t forget to include product upselling throughout your customer’s booking experience.

So there you have it, you’ve now completed the fourth and final part of the spa masterclass. If you didn’t check out the others, please find here parts one, two and three.

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And if you’re looking for something more interactive to determine where your spa stands across these four categories, take a few minutes to answer a few questions and receive a personalised scorecard, with expert tips and tricks on how to improve!

Thanks for joining our spa masterclass series and stay tuned for more content designed to help your spa and leisure property thrive!


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