How to maximise revenue in the post-summer dip: Strategic initiatives for spa and leisure properties

Emily Rollwitz
Emily Rollwitz
Emily Rollwitz
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How to maximise revenue in the post-summer dip: Strategic initiatives for spa and leisure properties

How to maximise revenue in the post-summer dip: Strategic initiatives for spa and leisure properties

Navigating the seasonal ebb and flow in the spa and leisure industry can be tough.

What was once a summertime high in bookings, conversions, and revenue is then met with quietness - and we’re not talking about the good cuddle up with your book kind!

Business KPIs like enhancing efficiencies, increasing customer satisfaction, and surpassing revenue targets never go on holiday; whether you’re a spa manager, general manager, or revenue manager, these objectives remain top of agenda year round.

So if your property is looking for innovative ways to rise above this shivering dip, we’ve got you covered.

A key driver in this is not only about the technology itself that your team uses and guests experience, but also how to leverage it to its fullest potential.

Remember, technology is designed to provide support, magnify efficiencies, and drive revenue, and certain months of the year should not dictate whether that happens or not.

So, let’s not only get festive - let’s get lucrative.

Build festive packages

Autumn and winter months are met with more shopping, more pumpkins, and jollier spirits, so keep that top of mind when designing your packages.

Seasonal coffee

Don’t be afraid to let those creative wheels spin!

We’re all about numbers at Trybe, and according to our data, 92% of bookings powered through Trybe are packages; customers now look for fuller, more robust experiences instead of one-off treatments.

This is your property’s perfect chance to become more package-centric, and in turn, earn more revenue with the same amount of effort.

As the autumn and winter months are quieter for your property’s bookings, focusing some newly freed up time on marketing efforts is a great opportunity.

To really maximise appeal, develop specialised packages that align with the current season’s ambience and activities.

For example, during November and December, highlight cosy as a theme. Now that skies are greyer and the weather is rainer, packages that emanate warmth and comfort draw appeal.

Think warm towel wraps, combined with a hot stone massage and hot chocolate (or perhaps an Irish coffee, if your clientele is feeling a little more bougie)!

And with January comes new life and new goals, so how about a full body detox or revitalisation package to reboot the system after holiday festivities?

Bespoke packages like these can all be designed, built, and managed through Trybe. And with our dynamic package functionality, only what is available is bookable, as each step in the package selection process is linked to live calendar availability.

So now let’s get into an equally important element of your seasonal strategy - memberships.

Offer exclusive membership opportunities

Members are existing customers, and as such, your easiest target audience to market up-sell initiatives and open up new revenue opportunities.

So, if you’re struggling to increase revenue during slower months, looking inwards to those that have already demonstrated loyalty to your brand, your therapists, and your treatment offerings is an easy first step.

Let’s start at the beginning.

If you do not already offer a membership scheme, this is your sign to do so.

Since Covid, there has been an increase in consumers focusing on health and well-being on a continuous basis, so a strong membership programme is your ticket to guaranteed monthly recurring revenue.

If you do already offer a membership scheme, then you’re one step closer to capitalising on the aforementioned.

However, regardless of which bucket your property sits in, a spa and leisure management system should not only offer membership functionality, but also enable your team to effectively grow and manage your membership database.

If you’d like to find out more about Trybe’s membership capabilities, we’d love to chat.

Deliver well-timed flash sales and last minute discounts

Let’s talk about Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Jonah Hill excited

During this time, a shift in customer behaviour is evident.

These behavioural shifts include spending more time online, (in turn, driving more traffic to your website), increases in spending, and higher expectations for brands to offer better deals.

Numbers aside, we can all agree it’s not only a highlight of the year from a consumer’s point of view, but also poses a golden opportunity from a property’s perspective.

So, how can you give your customers (and don’t forget, members) the experiences they want at the price tag they hope for?

Trybe has noticed a considerable increase in guests booking closer to the time of purchase. So, what does this mean for you?

Whether you’re a spa manager, general manager, or revenue manager, how do you go about making the most of your time and budget to yield more efficiencies and revenue with this consumer behaviour in mind?

Utilising a management system for your spa and leisure property that not only takes bookings but also offers all the bells and whistles required to grow memberships, track revenue, run campaigns, and effectively report on revenue is your ticket to more lucrative autumn and winter seasons.

And if you’re not already offering vouchers, this is your sign to do so. In fact, Trybe offers a fully commissionless voucher scheme.

Let’s dive into it.

When using vouchers, go commissionless!

Who doesn’t love a good voucher, especially during the holiday season?

Trybe enables teams to build, view, and sell vouchers alongside guests’ ability to redeem them. All functionalities are managed in one place, so toggling between disparate systems is no longer required.

Guests can enjoy the benefits of a voucher scheme by navigating to your shop front, searching for voucher codes, and viewing what offers are applicable or alternatively, what is left monetarily.

Trybe takes no cut off your property’s voucher transactions, making it fully commissionless.

Your team can manage every aspect of vouchers, from searching by code and status created, to reporting on voucher ledgers, amount sold, amount redeemed, and opening and closing balance. In addition to this, we have a full financial postings integration for voucher deposits and redemptions with a number of PMS’ including Opera, Guestline, Mews, and more.

And when it comes to emails, your team can build, customise, and automate confirmation emails all within Trybe, so follow-ups are easily confirmed with relevant links provided.

In summary

Summer-time inevitably heats up revenue, so focusing on new business initiatives to keep the fire burning during autumn and winter months is likely at the top of your agenda, whether you’re a spa manager, general manager or revenue manager.

A strong spa and leisure property management system that facilitates building festive packages, delivers exclusive membership opportunities, supports well-timed flash sales and offers commissionless vouchers is your team’s ticket to a cosier and more lucrative seasonal experience.

If you’d like to discover more about how your spa and leisure property can enhance guest experience, increase staff efficiency, and increase revenue, we’d love to chat.

Thanks for reading!

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