Our year at Trybe 2022

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Our year at Trybe 2022

Every booking through Trybe saves both time and resources. Here's a glimpse at the total impact Trybe has made.

2022 was a big year for Trybe. We've onboarded over 30 properties from legacy software, raised funds with experienced investors, and helped numerous hotels bounce back from the worst pandemic seen in generations.

Let’s deep dive into the past year and see the story behind the stats.

Less admin, more time focused on guests: 52,483 hours saved. That's 2,281 flights from London to Australia! 🦘

Trybe users spent less time answering emails and phone calls and fighting against out-of-date software. This allowed teams to stay focused on the guest.

Earlier in the year, our research showed that 42% of bookings happened outside of the 9-5. So not only are there time savings, Trybe's booking engine will help your bottom line when nobody is there to answer the phone.

🚀 Over 1 million processed bookings

Trybe had a huge impact on enabling the demand for spa and activity bookings.

It's like we've gone from a beaten-up old Volvo to a brand-new Ferrari!

In today's day and age, you should not be using software that works against you. Your guests demand the best experience from the point of booking and at a time that is convenient to them, and your team requires a user-friendly interface to help them minimise their screen time.

🤩 We released 383 features!

Because we're in the cloud, we can deliver brand-new features without having to download or install anything. This means that we can innovate without any disruption or downtime and all you have to do is refresh your browser.

Some of the game-changing features we released this year were our brand-new booking engine, area booking types to sell space and place, commissionless vouchers, and access gate control.

We're super excited about what's to come in 2023, so stay tuned!

🛟 We answered 1,752 support tickets

63% of these conversations happened through our in-app chat.

The support throughout onboarding and implementation has been first-class, so much so that we feel part of the team.

We're an extension of your team. Excellent customer support is essential for building trust and loyalty among our clients. Whether it's answering questions, resolving technical issues, or simply providing guidance and advice, we are committed to ensuring you receive the support you need.

🎥 80 new guides and 30 videos created for new features and frequently asked questions

We must support clients at their convenience. And there's no better way for us to do that than creating engaging material for our knowledge base.

By supporting feature releases with guides, our clients can get a better understanding and use it more effectively, without the need for training. Guides on frequently asked questions help users troubleshoot without the need to get in touch with our support team.

Overall, it's been a successful year for us here at Trybe. We're continuing to grow and help streamline more operations.

Thank you for letting us play a role in your past year; we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together in 2023!

Thanks for reading!

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