About us

Our story begins 8 years ago when Will became CTO at designmynight.com and pioneered the build of 3 industry leading software products alongside one of the U.K.’s leading hospitality discovery platforms. Shortly after, Steve joined the team rising to Lead Developer. In a similar fashion, Ricky joined the Sales team and rose to become Sales Team Manager. Designmynight.com was acquired at the end of 2017 where we remained post acquisition. At the beginning of 2020, in a meeting of the minds, we left to move into an industry close to our hearts, health and wellbeing.

We’re on a mission to modernise software for the health and wellbeing industry with a focus on Spa Complexes, Medispas, Clinics, and Boutiques.

We’re entirely focused on our customers. Trybe is built for the industry by the industry.

We believe the true power of Trybe software lies in its openness and connectivity into your current system architecture such as accounting systems and PMS software.

The name Trybe is inspired by our core belief in team, community, connectivity, and friendship.

Meet the team

Ricky Daniels
Steve Porter
Will Taylor-Jackson
Dan Johnson
Senior Software Engineer
Jess Halladay
Head of Customer Experience