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About us

We’re on a mission to modernise software for the health and wellbeing industry with a focus on Spa Complexes, Medispas, Clinics, and Boutiques.

We’re entirely focused on our customers. Trybe is built for the industry by the industry.

We believe the true power of Trybe software lies in its openness and connectivity into your current system architecture such as accounting systems and PMS software.

The name Trybe is inspired by our core belief in team, community, connectivity, and friendship.

Meet the team

  • Ricky Daniels
    Ricky Daniels


  • Steve Porter
    Steve Porter


  • Will Taylor-Jackson
    Will Taylor-Jackson


  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jess Halladay
    Jess Halladay

    Head of Customer Experience

  • Emily O'Shea
    Emily O'Shea

    Customer Engagement Executive

  • Ben Hamrogue
    Ben Hamrogue

    Customer Onboarding Executive

  • Khadijat Oyeleye
    Khadijat Oyeleye

    Junior Full Stack Developer

  • Hugo

    Head of Security

  • Sooty

    Chief Cuddle Officer